SynthPatcher is a small, independent, grassroots community for musicians, everyone who loves music & wants to join in is welcome.

Established in October 2013 SynthPatcher started out to address the needs of the iOS musician community by providing a discussion board with file sharing capabilities! Since then we have expanded and now are simply a music making community regardless of the instruments you use, we generally tend to have a focus on synthesisers.

Why do I have to pay?

When we were discussing the possibility of running a site like this, everyone agreed that the costs/work involved were demanding & none of us could afford to do this by ourselves. Basically your £1 subscription goes towards running the site, no one really makes any money from it or anything, certainly nothing to write home about anyway 😉

Because it is paid for you also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Payment keeps the site Advertisement Free!
  • Payment keeps the site Spam Free!
  • Payment keeps the content 100% independent!
  • Payment keeps it REAL!

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