Here is everything you could ever want to know about our T-shirts. We searched high and low to make sure they are very high quality and the prints are long lasting and do not crack or peel, read on to find out more...

So I heard POD (Print On Demand) T-shirts are rubbish, is this true?

SynthPatcher-T-shirt CyclingLets just say the pile of rejects we have is quite disheartening. But we believe we have found the perfect product. The T-shirts themselves are excellent, the print is superb and long lasting. We are so confident we give a full 12 month guarantee so long as the washing instructions are followed. See this photo of the Cycling design.

The pictures are a bit small, what are they really like?

Yes - one of the things we learned was that T-shirts are difficult to photograph with any degree of consistency, we need a studio to do it right basically. So here is a close up to make it clear - they are ACE:

SynthPatcher T-shirts Quality

How accurate are the colours?

SynthPatcher-T-shirts Birdkids Benny NeroTechnically speaking, print is CMYK, on screen is RGB i.e. two completely different colour spaces that are extremely difficult to match up especially when you consider that every individual screen in the world is totally unique due to technical implementation and surrounding lighting conditions. So at best they are an approximation.

What we can say is that they are nice and bright (see closeup of the Birdkids) and we spent a long time matching the T-shirt colours with the prints carefully so every design is restricted to a subset of the colours we know work well. After that, it's down to personal taste and there's no accounting for that.

Do workers get treated badly while making these T-shirts?

Absolutely not! This was a major concern when we were searching for the right product. All our T-shirts are Fair Wear, you can find out more on the official Fair Wear website

T-shirts are Fair Wear

How long will my T-shirt take to arrive?

Anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks depending on where you live in the world.

Why are your postage rates so low? Is it safe?

That's our secret! They are not tracked but it is very rare that they go missing and in the very unusual case that they do, we can recover costs and re-issue your T-shirts - our partners have sold a lot of T-shirts and this isn't generally a problem. In short - don't worry about it - just enjoy the fact that you can have these beauties shipped anywhere in the world for next to nothing!

What happens if something goes wrong with my T-shirt?

We live in an imperfect world, even with the best will in the world, occasionally something goes wrong. Worry not, if the washing instructions have been followed then you are entitled to a replacement free of charge within 12 months of purchase! Yep that's right, these are so good we give a full 12 month guarantee.

If something does go wrong all you need to do is send us a photo, our experts will inspect it to find out what has gone wrong so we can make sure it doesn't happen again and we will make it right for you. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase.

OK, so how do I wash my T-shirt?

Instructions are printed on the label - international symbols are used so this is clear. We recommend turning it inside out, washing at 30 degrees and line drying. Please don't tumble dry it.

Still got questions?

The idea here is to give you every confidence to place your order and we will update this page if there is anything else we feel would be helpful. So, if there's something you need to know that hasn't been covered here Get in touch

OK, you've convinced me, where can I buy these T-shirts?

Great! Simply visit the shop, click on the design you want, choose your options, click the add to cart button and repeat as many times as you like - here's a link to the shop:

SynthPatcher T-shirt Shop

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