Z3TA+ is a very powerful wave shaping synthesiser that has been available for desktop computers for many years and has found it's way onto many commercially released recordings and is now available for iOS. With 6 waveshaping oscillators, 2 filters, 8 envelope generators, 6 LFO's and the performance section, extremely powerful modulation matrix and dual-mode [...]

There is simply no stopping the creative powerhouse of SynthPatching that is ZenLizard! Another 50 stunning patches for Z3TA+ that really show off what this synth is capable of. Musical Arps, Earth-shattering basses, evolving pads, ripping leads, this patch bank has it all! Demo by Baddcr This patch bank is priced slightly higher than our [...]

ZenLizard has compiled a selection of free sounds for Z3TA+ and they really shine! It's hard to put into words the sheer flexibility and power of this synth, but these patches are a great addition to the already massive collection of sounds this synth offers. Free to members. Includes: All Pad Banshee Bustin Jeeber Buzzing [...]