The latest in the series of designs from Hannes Pasqualini this particular design was created for Hexinverter quite a while ago and was made available on a short run so they are pretty rare! Now available for everyone to enjoy - this amazing design prints beautifully - the detail is extraordinary! Only available on black. [...]

This brilliant truly unique design from Birdkids was designed by Benny Nero a contemporary artist based in Berlin - when we fist saw the mockup we were completely blown away and the print lives up to all expectations on these carefully chosen T-shirt colours. This design turns heads wherever you go - expect to get [...]

4MS Shapes T-shirt

Jeannot Quenson has fulfilled a long held ambition in creating this colourful geometric design utilising the graphics from the 4MS modules. We think it is reminiscent of a variety of very famous artists (we'll leave you to discuss that) but also an extraordinarily unique expression of Eurorack iconography - 100% WIN! Only available on black. [...]

Vermona Logo T-shirt

SynthPatcher are thrilled to present this simple but eye-catching logo T-shirt from Vermona, a name synonymous with quality and sonic excellence! While known for standalone synthesizers and drum machines Vermona have also been producing excellent Eurorack modules for some time now and we're particularly excited for the new TwinCussion module that takes the sound engine [...]

Zen Lizard's iSEMantics bank explores the 'wet' space of Arturia's iSEM with some classic synth sounds. Almost all of them have a considerable amount of delay as part of the sound design and this really brings those lovely warm tones alive. Zen has also been flexing his iSEM/Drum Perfect skills and has produced this fantastic [...]

BeepStreet's Sunrizer synth is an amazing virtual analog synth with huge possibilities. This, the fifth free patch bank from SynthPatcher, explores a variety of 'key' sounds and makes full use of the MOD A MOD B Morph functionality as well as fully programmed virtual velocity mapped through to volume and both filters to produce highly [...]