We are very proud to present the very first completely free patch bank for Waldorf Nave comprising 13 patches made by a variety of sound designers from the SynthPatcher Community. SynthPatchers Лайка (Laika) bounds into the iOS music world with 13 inspiring and imaginative patches. Completely free for everyone. Includes: Slaggamite - ZenLizard Eggbeater - [...]

Zen Lizard continues his naveForms series with another collection of patches for Waldorf Nave including some very retro sounding keys, lush pads and some stunning arps all created using the built in waveforms and from init patches! Demo by Baddcr. Another quick turnaround playing live/recording and then a live performance in Loopy, recorded in AudioShare. [...]

You have probably never heard Waldorf Nave sound quite like this, andre has dug deep and produced a patch bank that will provide hours of fun exploring these extraordinarily complex patches. They all have a rhythmic quality to them and are full of unexpected twists and turns. Perfect for backing or slicing up in Samplr. [...]

Following on from Zen Lizard's 12 FREE naveForms patches in the first volume, SynthPatcher is very proud to present naveForms 2: 50 patches for Waldorf Nave created using the built in waveforms and from init patches by Zen Lizard. Be sure to experiment with these patches. Almost all of them have multiple modulation sources and [...]

12 lush pad patches for Waldorf Nave created using the built in waveforms and from init patches. Free for members. Includes: Digital Cello 5th Piano Dream Turn Right at the Church Wistful Radio Charlie's Lost Exit Stage Left or Right Walking on Glass Living Crystal Northern Belle EvoWave2 SphazeGuitar New World Escapade Demo: Quite a [...]

This free bank of patches for Waldorf Nave was created by ZenLizard and includes the following patches: Bass Brutality Tardis A-Caustic SubFloyd Arp Tesla Lectro-Sax String'm Up Sekhmet Sweeper Cell WarpFactor Clavacious Sample&HoldMe Download NaveForms 1 There is no need to connect to iTunes (although you may if you wish) if you are viewing this [...]