Dipping his toe in Sound Designer waters and finding it rather warm, distorted and warblingly modulatory to the point of feeling slightly uneasy, WalkyMatt has created a fascinating selection of patches for SynthPatcher's very first bank for MitoSynth, and we think it's rather good! Completely free for everyone, these patches are really inspirational. I found [...]

This second bank from GraySynther is, amongst many other things, an exploration of possibilities of the A-B mod in Sunrizer; there are some gorgeous bass, pad and key sounds in this pack. Most sounds have different settings for both A and B states and it is highly recommended that you experiment with the mod wheel [...]

ZenLizard shows off what the incredibly rich sounding Arctic Pro synth from One Red Dog Media can really do! Including a huge range of stunning basses, pads, sequences, FX, Leads and Keyboards ZenLizard has done it again with another superb patch bank. £2 for non-members £1 for members. Demo by ZenLizard - there's a rumour [...]

We are very proud to present the very first completely free patch bank for Waldorf Nave comprising 13 patches made by a variety of sound designers from the SynthPatcher Community. SynthPatchers Лайка (Laika) bounds into the iOS music world with 13 inspiring and imaginative patches. Completely free for everyone. Includes: Slaggamite - ZenLizard Eggbeater - [...]

A bank of 32 ARP patches for Magellan - Yonac Inc. made by BADDCR that explore the possibilities of the ARP section in Magellan. If you have ever programmed any ARP patches and found yourself thinking 'is that it?' then you're sure to learn something from this bank. The boundaries have been pushed with creative [...]

Zen Lizard has created a new patch bank of presets for CASSINI Synth for iPad by iceWorks, Inc.. This bank explores the capabilities of this stunning synth with a variety of sounds, including some complex evolving waveforms, one or two of them are terrifying - well worth checking out. Free for members. Includes: Aftermaph Bludger [...]

Along with the power of Lemur comes a corresponding level of complexity that can seem quite intimidating, some of the advanced templates, for example Live Control 2, are very advanced with a lot of programming behind the scenes. However, Lemur doesn't have to be used in this way, it's actually quick and easy to get [...]

Propellerheads surprised everyone in June this year with the release of an iPad version of Reason's flagship Synth - Thor. With a choice of six oscillator types, four filters and expansive routing options this is an incredibly powerful synth. This bank of 81 patches from ZenLizard explores the possibilities of this awesome synth. Free for [...]