Noise Engineering is character in a small footprint. Digital when it works, analog when it works. Exploring new sound spaces to help broaden the universe of musical tone in the context of a proper interactive interface. Celebrate these innovative and awesome sounding modules with the official Noise Engineering Logo T-shirt! Sweet :)

Anyone who is into synthesis probably knows Muff Wiggler as one of the busiest and friendliest forums on the internet, and if you've been around for a little while you probably know that the site costs a small fortune in hosting fees every year to keep running - yikes - those bills!!! So it is [...]

In such a short time period Erica Synths have evolved from a small startup to a Eurorack household name with an extensive and seriously impressive line up of first rate modules including original Polivox, vacuum tube technology, innovative and refreshing takes on classic synth designs and now the new Pico series of modules that pack [...]

Vermona Logo T-shirt

SynthPatcher are thrilled to present this simple but eye-catching logo T-shirt from Vermona, a name synonymous with quality and sonic excellence! While known for standalone synthesizers and drum machines Vermona have also been producing excellent Eurorack modules for some time now and we're particularly excited for the new TwinCussion module that takes the sound engine [...]

Simplicity itself - the Endorphin.es logo looks absolutely fantastic on this brightbyellow T-shirt - it's sure to turn heads! Ethically sourced, professionally printed, comfortable soft feel and fit... Classy! Also available on Light Navy, Red and Sport Grey.