Zen Lizard's iSEMantics bank explores the 'wet' space of Arturia's iSEM with some classic synth sounds. Almost all of them have a considerable amount of delay as part of the sound design and this really brings those lovely warm tones alive. Zen has also been flexing his iSEM/Drum Perfect skills and has produced this fantastic [...]

"MIDI is not plug-n-play, MIDI is learn, learn, learn." That's not my quote.  I read it on a forum somwhere and can't remember who wrote it, but I thought it was pretty accurate.  This article focuses on the MIDI clock.  Why is it useful?  How should you use it?  And, perhaps most importantly, when should [...]

GraySynther has put together a collection of sounds that explore the possibilities with the deceptively simple (and free) Nanologue synth from Steinberg. This is also the very first bank for Nanologue on SynthPatcher, so lots to be learned and some great sounds too. One of the hardest lessons I ever learned when making tracks is [...]

Dipping his toe in Sound Designer waters and finding it rather warm, distorted and warblingly modulatory to the point of feeling slightly uneasy, WalkyMatt has created a fascinating selection of patches for SynthPatcher's very first bank for MitoSynth, and we think it's rather good! Completely free for everyone, these patches are really inspirational. I found [...]

WARNING: These sounds are not for the faint hearted; prepare to be taken on a terrifying journey into the darkest corners of your imagination with GraySynther's AREA-51 patch bank that really takes iSEM to a whole new level. If you're looking for an entire soundtrack for your next SciFi movie, this bank could get you [...]

This stunning array of Animoog presets from ZenLizard (yes - he's done it again!) explores the possibilities of the built in timbres and various others available through IAPs. Resonant basses & cutting leads take full advantage of the highly playable keyboard and sound fantastic. Completely free for everyone! Edit: When I posted this bank I [...]

Following on from the excellent Depth Charge bank ZenLizard has compiled another stunning array of patches for the powerhouse of sound - ZETA+. AT just £2 for non-members and £1 for members this bank of 70 patches are sure to inspire and add greater depth to your compositions. Zen has also provided a selection of [...]

ZenLizard has created a wonderfully musical bank of patches for PPG WaveMapper. "PPG WaveMapper features a new synthesis system which maps the waveforms of a sound into a new kind of wavetable which preserves the sound characteristics better than classic Wavetable synthesis and at the same time allows for the manipulations which make WT synthesis [...]

Z3TA+ is a very powerful wave shaping synthesiser that has been available for desktop computers for many years and has found it's way onto many commercially released recordings and is now available for iOS. With 6 waveshaping oscillators, 2 filters, 8 envelope generators, 6 LFO's and the performance section, extremely powerful modulation matrix and dual-mode [...]

There is simply no stopping the creative powerhouse of SynthPatching that is ZenLizard! Another 50 stunning patches for Z3TA+ that really show off what this synth is capable of. Musical Arps, Earth-shattering basses, evolving pads, ripping leads, this patch bank has it all! Demo by Baddcr This patch bank is priced slightly higher than our [...]

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