The second in a series of completely fee patch banks created by the Synthpatcher community members. This bank explores the possibilities of the highly acclaimed iVCS3 from Apesoft and challenges the notion that this synth is only for weird effects. Yes we have a few weird effects in here, but the majority are highly playable [...]

We are very proud to present the very first completely free patch bank for Waldorf Nave comprising 13 patches made by a variety of sound designers from the SynthPatcher Community. SynthPatchers Лайка (Laika) bounds into the iOS music world with 13 inspiring and imaginative patches. Completely free for everyone. Includes: Slaggamite - ZenLizard Eggbeater - [...]

A bank of 32 ARP patches for Magellan - Yonac Inc. made by BADDCR that explore the possibilities of the ARP section in Magellan. If you have ever programmed any ARP patches and found yourself thinking 'is that it?' then you're sure to learn something from this bank. The boundaries have been pushed with creative [...]

BeepStreet's Sunrizer synth is an amazing virtual analog synth with huge possibilities. This, the fifth free patch bank from SynthPatcher, explores a variety of 'key' sounds and makes full use of the MOD A MOD B Morph functionality as well as fully programmed virtual velocity mapped through to volume and both filters to produce highly [...]

Arturia iSEM is a recreation of the legendary 1974 Oberheim SEM synthesizer expander module and these BASS patches from Baddcr created from the basic templates explore the low end possibilities of this stunning analogue synth emulation. Free for members. Includes: iBASSEM R-BASS PWR-BASS MOON-BASS FOLLOW-BASS DESTRUCT-BASS CLIMBER-BASS BELL-BASS BASSFACE ANIM8-BASS ALTER-BASS FREEQY-BASS Demo: Performance Notes: [...]

12 lush pad patches for Waldorf Nave created using the built in waveforms and from init patches. Free for members. Includes: Digital Cello 5th Piano Dream Turn Right at the Church Wistful Radio Charlie's Lost Exit Stage Left or Right Walking on Glass Living Crystal Northern Belle EvoWave2 SphazeGuitar New World Escapade Demo: Quite a [...]