Zen Lizard's iSEMantics bank explores the 'wet' space of Arturia's iSEM with some classic synth sounds. Almost all of them have a considerable amount of delay as part of the sound design and this really brings those lovely warm tones alive. Zen has also been flexing his iSEM/Drum Perfect skills and has produced this fantastic [...]

WARNING: These sounds are not for the faint hearted; prepare to be taken on a terrifying journey into the darkest corners of your imagination with GraySynther's AREA-51 patch bank that really takes iSEM to a whole new level. If you're looking for an entire soundtrack for your next SciFi movie, this bank could get you [...]

Another stunning bank of 16 sounds from ZenLizard, this time for Arturia's iSEM. This patch bank contains a variety of sounds demonstrating the capabilities of this amazing analog synth including rhythmic, bass, lead, pad and FX sounds and includes: ZL_BRASS BREATH ZL_DESPICABLE ZL_EMPIRE OF SAND ZL_GALLABADIN ZL_KARMA CAVES ZL_MOD WHEEL SMEAR ZL_RUTT PUTTY ZL_SCATTERED ESSENCE [...]

Arturia iSEM is a recreation of the legendary 1974 Oberheim SEM synthesizer expander module and these BASS patches from Baddcr created from the basic templates explore the low end possibilities of this stunning analogue synth emulation. Free for members. Includes: iBASSEM R-BASS PWR-BASS MOON-BASS FOLLOW-BASS DESTRUCT-BASS CLIMBER-BASS BELL-BASS BASSFACE ANIM8-BASS ALTER-BASS FREEQY-BASS Demo: Performance Notes: [...]