"MIDI is not plug-n-play, MIDI is learn, learn, learn." That's not my quote.  I read it on a forum somwhere and can't remember who wrote it, but I thought it was pretty accurate.  This article focuses on the MIDI clock.  Why is it useful?  How should you use it?  And, perhaps most importantly, when should [...]

Z3TA+ is a very powerful wave shaping synthesiser that has been available for desktop computers for many years and has found it's way onto many commercially released recordings and is now available for iOS. With 6 waveshaping oscillators, 2 filters, 8 envelope generators, 6 LFO's and the performance section, extremely powerful modulation matrix and dual-mode [...]

Introduction to Drum Perfect

I have been on a quest of sorts for several years now, searching for an app that could reasonably simulate the sound of a real drummer playing acoustic drums. More than that, I was looking for an app that would allow me to create drum tracks efficiently which could be exported as separate mono tracks. [...]

Along with the power of Lemur comes a corresponding level of complexity that can seem quite intimidating, some of the advanced templates, for example Live Control 2, are very advanced with a lot of programming behind the scenes. However, Lemur doesn't have to be used in this way, it's actually quick and easy to get [...]

I'm wondering if this is unique to me or if others are seeing this. I get different lists of IAA apps in different hosts. Just about every host seems to be missing something. As an example, Alchemy is not available in Auria, but it is in Cubasis. Different Drummer is not available in Cubasis, but [...]

Welcome to SynthPatcher! We are a group of dedicated iOS musicians working together, sharing and helping each other get the most out of making music on iOS. We do this by sharing patches for apps, discussion in the forum and collaboratively writing articles covering basic and advanced functionality (coming soon!) of the apps we all [...]