SynthPatcher is a grassroots community for musicians, everyone who loves music & wants to join in is welcome.

Established in October 2013 following discussions on Discchord, SynthPatcher started out to address the needs of the iOS musician community by providing a powerful discussion board with file sharing capabilities! Since then we have expanded and now are simply a music making community regardless of the instruments you use.

What can I do on SynthPatcher?

You can:

  • Share your Synth Patches for Free on the Forum!
  • Share song files & collaborate on song writing!
  • Sell your patch libraries & earn commission!
  • Sell your music (artistic or for commercial use) & earn commission!
  • Embed your SoundCloud audio in the Forum!
  • Discuss *anything* you like in the Forum!
  • Get help from knowledgable & skilful iOS Musicians!

In the not too distant future we are planning the following:

  • Comprehensive reviews of Apps & IAPs
  • Community Generated Tutorials

Why do I have to pay?

When we were discussing the possibility of running a site like this, everyone agreed that the costs/work involved were demanding & none of us could afford to do this by ourselves.

So, SynthPatcher is very much for the community by the community, and is possible because everyone makes a small contribution each month towards these costs. You also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Payment keeps the site Advertisement Free!
  • Payment keeps the site Spam Free!
  • Payment keeps the content 100% independent!
  • Payment keeps it REAL!

What if I can't afford to pay?

This is understandable. Very few (if any?) people in our community are 'loaded'; some people are unemployed, students or in a low paid job & we know what this is like. So, in the interests of fairness and opening this up to everyone regardless of financial status there are a variety of ways in which Subscribers can recoup their subscription costs:

  • Earn an unprecedented 100% commission on all member sales.
  • Reduced prices in the store!
  • Make a quality contribution to the knowledge base and get a refund for that month!

So, if you are time rich, cash poor and got some skills - there is no reason SynthPatcher should ever cost you a penny!

click here to join us today!